Smile malmö happy ending helsingborg

smile malmö happy ending helsingborg

by a 6 piece band. Otherwise they are used by gauchos when they catch cattle roaming on the pampas areas. My mentioning of Circus Zorba has got someone to ask what has become of Jan Ketils Circus Agora, which went bankrupt in 2010. Click here for link to his pictures. The Federation, together with a group of leading libraries, museums and archives, is ensuring that Circus is included among the digital images of world treasures displayed on the site. All to the delight of an audience that deserves the very best. Circus Maximum 2013 - A great anniversary show. The article is as many other articles in the magazine written in English. The same family has a dog act with 11 dogs. As is has been a tradition for many years a lot of people watched when Casselly family's four elephants Sunday 8 July at.m. He is called Pieric, and with his poetic, an IittIe bit sad, an IittIe bit childish and slightly bohemian figure he calls more on subtlety and quiet chuckle than guffaw. Thus, the only animals in this years performance were a few horses and 4 beautiful camels from the Swedish Circus Olympias stables. He tests the limits of the human body. The tent is of course heated.


Massage Happy Ending 221. Lighting and sound was impressive, and using impressive digital video scenography created 3- dimensional images on the stage without need for use of 3D glasses. The Mongolian Acrobats are five female artists on high mono bikes. Its the largest and best circus museum in the Nordic countries. Colour might well be the theme of this performance, everything is decorated in clear and shining colours, and perline herself is wearing a traditional jester's costume which sports all the colours of the rainbow. Ib "Pierrot" Groth Rasmussen. The Danish / Finnish clown couple Bonbon and Tiina will spend their Christmas in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, where they are part of the traditional Christmas circus in indoor sporting arena Ahoy. Enchanting illusion numbers with live pigeons and adventurous soap bubbles. After intermission: frederic edelstein, son of Gilbert Edelstein, made us admire his new group of six female white lions, a nice interaction between a lion-tamer and his animals.

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