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her in the basement of a hookah bar and gang raping her for hours while recording the scene. When they wrote about it at all. It is yet to be determined if it was used to intimidate the victim. Even if the police is about to knock on the door and the victim wakes up and calls for help on her phone, he is more focused on fixing his hair and mocking her while showing her face for the entire world to see. The main suspect with glasses is known by the Swedish Police for various crimes and condemnations. The image is stronger than the hearsay. This actual gang rape did not provoke any reaction from the main feminist shills like the Daily Beast, Buzzfeed or feminist stables like Jezebel or EverydayFeminism. The key factors are here: less Muslims and men that are willing to defend themselves. The event was only interrupted when the police showed up on the scene, three hours after the beginning of the broadcast. It is a will to show conquest over humans, sending the message that they already conquered us as law enforcement and the common people are banned from making them pay for their crimes. If he who has the position of authority cannot, will not or is unable to understand that this happens, he becomes whipped that goes for us humans as well as for dogs. Several witnesses reported that the perpetrators were wielding a handgun in the video. He who is aggressive tests, again and again, the possibility for dominance. This provokes an even stronger violent response from the challenger and puts the defendant in a moral check mate if he has surrendered political stances as his conceptual ground which we have done in Sweden. Why Sweden and not a country like Serbia? On lui donne le doigt et il vous prend le bras. This question is perfectly summed up by this observation from an ethnic Swede (source: translation: RickF the violent phase has been initiated.


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The ROK 2016 meetup created global outrage worldwide, after cherry picking sentences in a satire and spinning it into a rape manual, managing to create governmental response and mobilise police forces to arrest us on sight. Read More: Two Finnish Girls Allegedly Raped By Asylum Seekers This Week). Swedish Police is investigating cases where children were raped in broad daylight (I am convinced that the perpetrators are Uruguayan Adventists). A recurrent pattern, it echoes other rape affairs that took place in Sweden recently. Natives are given the means to defend themselves. We have, seen as a whole, forgotten that victory counts, not how it is achieved. I will not display them here but the images are already online. What is relatively recent, is their will to record the rape, to show it and share. Because Muslims and migrants are a protected caste. free videos sex call girl malmö

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